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Guns Nā€™ Roses nails requested by an anon, also nailpornography asked about these as well. I hope the anon who requested these likes them, and that i did them justice. Sorry they took so long, i was honestly sort of putting them off, but i havent died yet, so thats good news. Also sorry that I butchered the ring finger, the skulls were so tiny that it was really hard to paint left handed. I have a couple more requests to do, but if you want me to do a design, just go ahead and ask me. Also there will be a new design up before the 8th, and then i have my colonoscopy, so im not sure when the next design after that will be up.


Anonymous said: Free,the anime sorry I didn't specify I didn't even know there was a band

Yes! I will atempt to do those for you, and hopefully i can do them justice. Ive got a few requests to do, but i will try to get yours done in a timely manner. Thank you for requesting!

anastasijalj said: You're perfect and I love your nail art and blog! Oh, and I saw the Guns n' roses request and I'm really looking forward to it and I hope nothing bad happens to you :)

Thank you! Im hoping nothing bad happens to me either, but if it die, i blame the anon (just kidding, anon, i wont blame you). They will be up sometime next week, so you can expect them around then. I hope you enjoy them!

Anonymous said: Free! nails?

Free as in the band? Yes, of course i can do that for you! If you dont mean the band, just go ahead and specify your request in my inbox, and i’ll definitely get those done for you. Im up to 4 requests right now, and i have one design that is a priority for my nail group’s monthly theme, but i will try to get these done as soon as possible for you.

Anonymous said: Guns n' roses nails? :)

First off, i want to thank you for requesting a design. šŸ˜Š I have been dreading this request, but i knew one day it would come. So let’s start of with the fact that i am extremely superstitious.. So they used to be one of my favorite bands in the entire world right, but one day while im listening to them, my dad flipped out and was like “turn that off immediately!”. My dad never flips out about that stuff. So he tells me that everytime one of their songs comes on, something bad happens to him. Im sitting over here thinking he’s an idiot, but then weeks following, everytime one of their songs came on, something bad happened to me. Now i dont know if its just me being paranoid, or if bad things happened before and i didnt notice them. And i know what youre thinking “wow sara, you are a freaking retard, nothing bad happens when their songs come on.” And to that i say; you’re probably right, but i already have enough bad luck that i dont want to risk it. If you havent noticed, i have refrained myself from using their name, because i am that superstitious. Now with all of that being said, i will fulfill that request for you, but if some freak accident happens and i get hit by a train or something, that’s on you anon. That’s on you. If nothing bad happens, thank you, because that will probably get me over it. I have a doctors appointment next week, and i dont need anything going awry, so give me a week or so, and i’ll do them. Also, guys dont make fun of me, this superstition is torture, and its one of the most stupid things ive ever heard of.

petitepaynette said: You are incredible! I just stalked your blog and wow I love everything you do

Thank you! And can i just say that you are so adorable! Cierra told me you were a sweetheart, i guess she is right for once.šŸ˜Š


David Bowie nails! This is my first portrait nail design, and i think it came out pretty good. I can see my own mistakes, which bothers me, but considering i painted them left handed, i can give myself a pat on the back. I hope you all like them, and thanks for sticking with me. I know i haven’t been posting as much, but if you read my last post, then you know why.


// Health update/My story.//

I am writing this, because some of you know that i have some health issues, but not many of you really know what’s going on, or what my story is.

So i went to my doctors appointment today, and all of my labs, bloodwork, and tests came back fine. They can’t find anything wrong with me even though i have had numerous ultrasounds, blood tests, hormone tests, stool tests, allergy tests, radiation, a HIDA scan, an esophagogastroduodenoscopy, etc. I have a second colonoscopy coming up on the seventh, and am scheduling a second EGD, and an internal ultrasound of my pancreas. I have seven more doctors appointments scheduled right now, but we are just trying everything and anything we can. No one really knows what is going on.

My primary doctor is sending me to an alternative medicines doctor, and we are going to see if he can find out what’s wrong with me/find anything that will help. He will be doctor number 17 or 18 (ive lost count). They did find out that i have PCOS, but that shouldn’t have anything to do with the pain.

For those of you that don’t know; i have a stomach disease(?) (we’re not quite sure what exactly it is). Its something that I’ve had for pretty much ever. When i was young, i had a bladder infection, which later turned into a kidney infection, which led in to a blood infection, which led to septicemia. Now they didnt know about all of this. When the doctor’s finally figured that out, i was already set up to pretty much die the next day. But, like Michael Jordan fourth quarter in ‘92, my doctor figured out what was wrong with me. They tried to fix my septicemia with a medication called Septra, but only to find out that i was allergic to it. After that, the filled my system up with extreme amounts of antibiotics to fight off the infections. It worked. I lived. That is what they think started it all.

Now since then, for the past almost 20 years now, i have had extreme stomach problems. It started off with extreme lactose intolerance, which started when i was around four months. Then it later progressed into a gluten intolerance. That progressed into the inability to digest sugars. Then i couldn’t eat meat. Then eggs. Then corn. Then potatoes. Etc. Etc. it is to the point where i can now eat nothing. That’s right. Absolutely nothing. I get violently ill whenever i eat or drink anything.

This caused me to leave high school at the age of 14. Since then my health has progressively gotten worse. In the past four years or so, i have left the house maybe 30, 35 times tops. Let me repeat that 30-35 out of the past 1,460 days. And almost every time it was to go to a doctors appointment. It is to the point now where the pain is so bad, i barely leave bed. I am in so much pain that i can’t sleep. I take high dose medication to sleep, but it still takes five to seven hours to make me sleep, which is not normal. I go weeks with out eating, compiled, i have not eaten for about 3 months of this year. And i have developed EXTREME anxiety. I take Norco, and Zofran every day. Norco is a medication for severe pain, similar to Oxycotin, Oxycoden, and Vicodin, and Zofran is a medicine that they give to pregnant women to help when they have extreme nausea and morning sickness.

For those who say “hey why not try a feeding tube?” or “youre just a whimp, you have such a low pain tolerance.”, the feeding tube formula will still make me sick, i have been on several food substitutes, and they do not work. I asked two of my doctors already, and practically demanded to be put on a feeding tube, but they said it will not help what so ever. And to the low pain tolerance, i have been hit by a car (not ran over). I laughed. I almost cracked my head straight open on our tile floor. I laughed. My sister has punched me like 12x at once straight in the boob (sorry if that’s tmi). I laughed. I had surgery, and was clearly instructed to take one pill of Norco every two hours for the next week. I went the first 8 hours without a single pill. Most grown men can’t do that. I only started to take my Norco, because my nurse made me, when i was in the emergency room. I was there because of complications to my surgery, not for the pain. I am a tough girl.

Through out all of this, i have remained extremely positive. My doctors and nurses tell me all the time that they are so surprised that someone in my situation can remain this lighthearted and optimistic, and that usually all of their patients are extremely upset. Even when the talk of cancer came up, my mom almost cried, but i remained positive and simply said “if i have it, i have it”, which luckily they haven’t found any. I still remain optimistic and positive, because if you get upset about it, you are just adding another negative to the equation. I know that one day my life will get better. One day, it will all be amazing, and i will be able to be so thankful for it, because i know the way it could be/was.

I guess what im trying to say is, be grateful for your health, and everything you have. And even when times are bad, just realize that good times will come. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and when something bad happens, you can just expect something good to come. Now im no optimist, but i am most definitely a realist. And that is a 100% realistic point of view. So please take that and never forget it, especially through the bad times. Anyways, i was just giving you guys an update, and making sure you all know what is going on. And no, i am not looking for sympathy. Anyone that knows me, knows that i literally couldn’t care less if others felt bad for me. Thank you for reading, and if you got this far, give yourself a pat on the back. And a cookie. Go eat a cookie.


New band nails are up as promised. I somehow managed to fit the entire “highway to hell’ on my ring finger, but didnt quite have enough room on my index for the whole AC/DC logo.


// Another mini update.//

So i still have 8 billion doctor’s appointments coming up (that’s a lie, i actually have seven), but i do have a new design that will be up tomorrow. There’s not alot of daylight left to take pictures of them now, but i promise i will take and post pictures tomorrow morning. If any of you are a fan of band nails, i think you’ll like these. I’ll also have another design up this week, as a part of my Polish Party group, with the theme being glitter. Glitter is a pretty vague theme, so again, im not quite sure what i will be doing for that design. Im also considering doing something along the lines of a nail series or a 30 day nail challenge sometime in the foreseeable future. We’ll see how that works, but im hoping it’ll turn out well. Anyways, thank you to all of my lovely followers, you are all now officially a part of ‘The Cool Kids Club’, so we can just run with that.

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